When a boxman becomes a tomb explorer!

The danger of continuing in this collapsing tomb grows with the amount of riches you loot. But the choice of staying and getting more fortune or running away with what you own will be yours.

If you choose to stay in the tomb, you will have to push the blocks to put them in the path of the rolling stones. It may be that the block has gold in it, and you can catch it if the block is destroyed. But be careful not to be crushed!

If you get scared you can get away at any time by simply choosing one of the stairs.

Game made by @leoborossi for Ludum Dare 42 Game Jam


Move with Arrow Keys or WASD

Jump with Space Bar

Restart with R


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Great concept for a little game. Well presented and as usual, i didn't read the instructions and worked part of the game process out. Really nice.


wobblyfootgamer @ YouTube